KEP: Our Respite At A Cambodian Beach

A long, four hour drive from Phnom Penh, to the beach town of Kep.  Our next adventure offered a great way  to see the countryside of Cambodia.  It was interesting to just sit back and watch the traffic, especially the great preponderance of motorcycles.  We saw: a woman holding up her  IV-bag as she was travelling on the back of a motorcycle; drivers talking on their cellphones; many carrying rice and vegetables, and whatever; large bags that were 5-times bigger than the motorcycle; lumber; televisions; windows; almost anything you can think of.

Lots of small children being held by parents–“no wiggly kids allowed.”   We passed many factories with no signs to identify what was going on within.  We assumed they were ‘garment factories’,–all fenced in and gated — they looked more like a prison.

Our driver put on a Christmas CD; music for us “farang” (foreigner) while he listened to his I-Pod.  When we arrived in Kep, he actually took us to the wrong hotel, but fortunately we knew which one we were booked into!

“The Veranda Natural Resort” was beautiful, with a stunning view of the sea and a lovely swimming pool.  We really needed the time to relax after a lot of previous days spent touring in both Thailand and Cambodia.


Our first look, out over the Veranda Natural Resort


Loved our afternoons by the pool

We loved our afternoons by the pool!


Fantastic swimming pool

What a setting …

our porch

This was our private veranda . . .


Our room

. . . and our room



Sunset from villa

A couple of sunsets from the Veranda’s  dining lanai . . .


Clear evening

A very clear, balmy evening to watch the sky over a couple of drinks


Happy Hour -- every night

‘Happy Hour’ —  enjoyed every night!


Fantastic sunset every night

Another fantastic sunset during this evening’s dinner-time


Enjoying another Happy Hour

Did we mention that ‘Happy Hour’ was becoming a well-deserved tradition amongst the “Smiling Road Warriors”?


Catching up on pictures for blog--what a spot to work in

Catching up on pictures for the blog — what a spot to work in!


The next day,  walked to the ‘crab market’, and on around the point into the village of Kep.  There were some monkeys along the way;  one showed his teeth and started towards us.  He had very large teeth and I was sure he was going to get me.  But when Gary picked up a stone he ran away.

One mean monkey

One mean-looking hombre — glad my protector was with me!


Fresh Blue Crabs

Fresh ‘Kep Blue Crabs’ just out of the water


Crab basket

. . . caught in a basket like this.


Fried fish from morning catch

Fried fish from this morning’s  catch, ready for breakfast on the waterfront.


cooking pot

A typical cooking set-up in market for the crabs


Fisherman sleeping on boat after early morning catch

Fishing boats at anchor after the early morning catch.  We never did figure out if this fellow was sleeping, or maybe ‘expired’ on the last trip!


The walk to Kep

The walk around the point to the village of Kep.

The beach area

The Kep beach area.  Not a soul in the water and it was 85˚F


What is left of abandoned French homes

What is left of an abandoned French home in Kep.  After the war with France, and the Vietnam war, the Khmer Rouge ensured these ‘western’ homes would remain unoccupied.  They are now deteriorated and abandoned.


The local cows

Part of the local cow ‘herd’.  they’re ALL underfed it appears.


Home in the area

… another abandoned French beach-home in the area, from the French Colonial period


Local hammocks along beach

Local hammocks along Kep beach


Resting the way locals do

“when in Rome”!


No OSHA regulations here

A Cambodian version of  “the Wichita Linesman”!  No OSHA regulations here


Painting the curbs for festival in a couple of days

‘Highway-Maintenance-Crew’.  painting the curbs for a Sea-Festival in a couple of days


True -- didn't see many plastic on the roads

Actually?  —   we didn’t see much plastic anywhere along  the roads! (only in the cities…)


After we hiked into and around Kep, we caught a  Tuk-Tuk ride back to the market, where we enjoyed a great Kampot-pepper Crab lunch.

We also bought some famous Kampot peppercorns, grown near Kep, from a lovely woman in the fisherman’s market.  The fresh peppercorns are delicious, but we can’t take them back to Portland, so we settled for  3 different dried varieties.

8 months pregnant

This lovely Cambodian market-stall operator is 8 months pregnant; same as our JENNIFER in Kodiak!


The next day we took a hike up into the Kep National Park, which was lovely, but had some very steep paths.  There was a ‘Buddhist Nunnery’ up near the top, and the nuns were chanting/praying as we passed by on the trail.  It was a very pleasant hike.

The steep trail

The steep trail


The first part of the trail

The first part of the Kep National Park excursion.


Buddha near Nun site on mountain

Small Buddha Pavilion near the site of the Nunnery on the mountain.


The nuns temple

A place of worship for the Nuns.


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